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Great Shower Thoughts | Part 4

Best first: You could say a lethal dose – or you could say a lifetime supply!
Being an actual wealthy Nigerian with legitimate overseas interests must suck.

There should seriously be a button on every TV that would make the remote peep.
If I would call my cat “Meow”, I can boast to my friends that it can introduce itself.
It would be good if toothpaste producers would make the tubes transparent; squeezing out the remaining toothpaste would be much more efficient.
When you rob a bank, you can stop worrying about rent/food bills for several years – regardless of whether you get caught or not.
Chances are, good looking nurses and doctors never get accurate blood pressure level readings from their patients of the opposite gender.
A spider builds its home from its body products. If a human wanted to achieve the same, they’d literally have to shit bricks.
It’s actually awesome how my body can take a hamburger and fries and turn it into more of my body.
In a hospital, you can find people experiencing the worst, the happiest, the first or the last day of their lives.
The next generation kids will be able to look up their parents on the internet and see their whole lives documented, no excuses.

Tissues in a box should have different colors so you’d be warned that you’re approaching the last tissue.
You know how you pull the smartphone out of your pocket to check the time? We’re really going back to the era of pocket watches.
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