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Nice Shower Thoughts | Part 10

Best first: Stressed is desserts spelled backwards.

Common sense is not a common thing at all.
When your window gets hit by a bird, are you sure it isn’t just God playing Angry Birds with you?

When you become a vegetarian, does that mean you’re climbing down on the food chain?
It is more probable that you will get killed in your own home in the next half hour than that you will win the lottery.
I wonder how much money the phrase “Keep the change” cost me so far.
Even though most cars have electric windows these days, the phrase "roll your window up / down" seems to stay.
Funny that the Alt+Tab combination switches windows and not tabs.
What if dogs in water aren't swimming, but simply trying to stand up repeatedly?
When swimming, your body is using most of its muscles in an effort not to drown and die, and yet swimming is considered by most to be a fun leisure activity.
Girls saying they're not like other girls are exactly like the other girls that are saying they're not like other girls.
When two really famous celebrities meet, do they customarily introduce themselves to one another or not?
Imagine if spiders were the same weight as dogs – and were just as fond of jumping on you...
To aliens, we’re the aliens.
Driving an invisible car could be the most extreme adrenalin activity.
If a nation would collectively elect to be ruled by a dictator, technically the dictatorship would then be a democracy.
The invention of the wheel could be the best example of how it’s best to work smarter, not harder.
The English language is a bastard child of German and French that was raised by the Vikings.
It could easily have been my last time ever on a trampoline but I have no way of telling yet.
Our dogs are the family that we chose.
Auto-correct should have been named more precisely as auto-assume.

I wonder what it’s like to be the guy who actually did forget how to ride a bike.
Necks are basically wrists for our heads.

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