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Mama Jokes | Part 10 *
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When your mother farts in the cinema, she gets a private viewing.
Your mama so dirty a sewage facility wouldn’t hire her because of sanitation concerns! 
Yo mama so fat, she wears a hula hoop as a choker necklace.
Yo Mama so poor, she runs after the garbage truck with a shopping list.
Your mother collects ugly children.
Your mam's so fat that when the world goes down, people can still live on her.
Your mum's so fat, she sits next to everybody in the cinema!

Yo mama's the best in the Hunters‘ Association. She just has to walk in the forest and the animals give up and come all by themselves.
Your mom's so fat she has to iron her trousers on the street.
Yo momma so fat, when she walks past a television, you miss all three parts of the Lord of the Rings.
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