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List of Chuck Norris Jokes | Part 5

Best first: Chuck Norris can strangulate you with a wireless phone.
Chuck Norris has a Grizzly bear rug. The bear is alive, but it's too scared to move.

Chuck Norris can magic a hat out of a rabbit.
Chuck Norris is the only person who can really kill time.
Chuck Norris drives on the right side, even in Great Britain.
Chuck Norris uses Tabasco as eye drops.
Chuck Norris killed the Dead Sea.

Some children can pee their names into snow. Chuck Norris pees his in cement.
Somebody asked Chuck Norris to please stop giving roundhouse kicks to people all the time. Historians agree this was one of the biggest mistakes ever made.
The Holy Grail has never been recovered because nobody is so brave as to ask Chuck Norris for his favorite coffee mug.
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