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Chemistry Jokes | Part 7

Best first: What did one electron say to the other? You antagonize me.
 What was a cation doing up a tree? It had been driven up there by a dogion.

It’s never a good idea to ask a chemist to make you a Pb and J sandwich…

Hydrogen accosts oxygen: “Hey you, you stole my electron!”
“No! Are you certain?!”
“I’m bloody positive!”

H2O is just a shorter way to write HIJKLMNO.

What amino acid is most favoured by pirates? Arrrrginine!

What compound a pessimist cannot live without? Nitrous oxide!

Do you know a good joke about sodium? Na…

A nerdy chemist walks out of an examination and smugly announces to all her friends: “It couldn’t have been more basic if it had pH -15!”

I keep hearing that alcohol and driving should never go together, so what’s with the cars that run on ethanol?

Yo mama is so ugly, even fluorine won’t bind to her!I
I told my girlfriend a really good joke about cobalt, radon and yttrium. She said it was CoRnY.

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