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Chemistry Jokes | Part 2

Best first: They’re adding a new element to the period table. It is Oh – the element of surprise.
 Helium walks into a bar fight. Argon hits him with a bar stool. Helium doesn’t react.

The cool guys drop the base. The adventurous guys drop acid into water.
Rule number one of chemistry: Never trust atoms. The little beasts make up everything!
Rule number two of chemistry: Although chemistry is a lot like cooking, You. Never. Lick. The. Spoon.
After a fight, proton sighs to his electron spouse: “I really don’t know why you always have to be so negative.”
It is a little known fact that you can lower your body temperature down to -273 °C and be perfectly 0K.
An American and a British chemist meet at a conference. “So what do you do?” asks the British chemist. “I work with arsoles,” replied the American. “Oh I feel you,” nods solemnly the British one, “my colleagues piss me off too.”
A chemist came in a bar and ordered H2O. His chemist friend said he'd like H2O too. It was pretty messy. Then he died.

(For the non-chemist - H2O2 - hydrogen peroxide - is in its pure form not good for human health - not at all.)
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